As a family general practice, The Elms offers a comprehensive range of medical and health services through our doctors, nurses and visiting providers, including:

•  Diagnosis and management of general medical conditions      •  Routine health checks

•  Screening tests and preventative medicine      •  Women's, men's and children's health

•  Workcover, Transport Accident Commission and Centrelink assistance      •  Chronic disease management

•  Infant and childhood immunisations      •  Skin and mole checks

•  Family planning and pregnancy related care      •  Routine wound care and post-operative reviews

•  Pre-employment medical examinations      •  Minor surgery including mole removal, vasectomy and contraceptive implants

•  Diabetes management      •  Mental health care and counselling

•  Traveller's advice, immunisations and medications      •  Tele-health consultations with participating Melbourne specialists


Yellow Fever Vaccination

The Elms is a Government registered provider of Yellow Fever vaccination for travellers to affected areas such as tropical Africa, and parts of Central and South America. For entry to countries where Yellow Fever occurs, it is mandatory for travellers to hold a valid International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP). Only Government registered medical centres can administer the Yellow Fever vaccine and provide an official certificate of vaccination.

Patients can make an appointment through reception, and should specify that it is for Yellow Fever vaccination. On the day of the appointment with the doctor and nurse, the patient must bring their passport so that the official certificate can be issued. As of 16 June 2016, The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis is valid for life, starting from ten days after the date of injection.

The provision of Yellow Fever vaccination is not covered by Medicare and full payment is required on the day of the injection. For information about the cost of the Yellow Fever vaccination, please click here.


Fees and Billing

Information about our clinic fees, billing procedure and bulk-billing policy can be found by clicking here.


Treatment Room

Treatment Room


We have a well-equipped surgical procedure room as well as a separate three-bay treatment room which can be used for performing procedures such as:


Wound suturing and dressing.

Skin lesion removal.

Hormone implant insertion and removal.

Suture and surgical staple removal.

Plaster cast application and removal.

Therapeutic venesection.

Lung function testing (spirometry).


Intra-uterine contraceptive device insertion and removal.


The Practice Nurse is available every weekday from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Immunisations, wound dressings and suture removal with our nurse can be booked directly through our reception. Arrangements for most other procedures need to be made in conjunction with your doctor.

Please speak with our staff or your doctor if you have any queries about applicable fees for use of the treatment room.


Procedure Room


Repeat Scripts and Referrals

It is the policy of this practice that patients are required to make an appointment for repeat prescriptions. Please specify that it is for a repeat prescription only.

However, in special circumstances, exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of your doctor (eg. lost script). In such cases, a fee may be charged for replacement or repeat prescriptions.

Please allow 24 hours before collection, unless otherwise indicated.

Schedule 8 Controlled Drugs (narcotic painkillers) and certain sedatives, will not be prescribed to new patients at their first appointment. These medications have strict legislative controls regarding their use and they are illegal to prescribe without a valid Government-issued permit.

Referrals to medical specialists require an appointment with your doctor prior to the specialist visit. The back-dating of referrals is disallowed by law and The Elms Family Medical Centre reserves the right to decline such requests. It is the responsibility of the patient to confirm with their specialist that they have a valid referral prior to their appointment.

Referrals are an important means of communication to the specialist, and not just a Medicare requirement to enable claiming of rebates for the visit.


Test Results

When your doctor requests pathology or radiology investigations for you, the results are normally available within 2 to 3 working days for standard tests. However, the results of more specialised tests may take longer. Please discuss this with your doctor, or the pathology or radiology provider, if you have any queries.

Your doctor may request that you book a follow-up consultation to discuss your results, especially if the interpretation is complex or requires further action. Alternatively, you may be contacted by phone or mail regarding your test results.

However, as it is not always possible to contact patients, for example due to changed phone numbers or addresses, it remains the patient's responsibility to contact the clinic if they have not received their results.

Please do not assume that your results are normal if your have not been contacted by the clinic.


Patient Recall System

The Elms provides a free patient reminder service for scheduled events such as follow-up pathology or radiology tests, medical reviews, and disease management planning.

If you wish to opt out of this service, please inform your doctor, practice nurse or reception staff.


Baby Change Facility

For your convenience, there is a fold-out baby change table located in the toilet near our reception desk.



Additional Services


Pathology Collection Service

General pathology collection is available every weekday, plus Saturday mornings, excluding public holidays.

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Ultrasound Services

 Specialist pregnancy and women's ultrasound is available on Monday, excluding public holidays.

Specialist heart ultrasound (echocardiography) is available monthly on Saturday morning, excluding public holidays.

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Podiatry Service

Advanced foot and nail care is available on Monday, Tuesday and alternate Fridays, excluding public holidays.

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We have several psychologists consulting at The Elms, with current availability on Tuesday and Thursday, excluding public holidays.

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We have a dietetic clinic for nutritional advice and management, currently run via telehealth.

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Onsite physiotherapy is available on Wednesdays, excluding public holidays.

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