Our Staff


             Front Desk 1 Reception

Our receptionists, Denise, Leonie, Arlene, Lisa, Bree, Elaine, Maddi and Rhiannon provide a friendly and helpful welcome at our front desk. They are able to assist in matters such as appointments, test results, services and payments.


 Denise Grieve Denise      Leonie Rousch Leonie

  Rhiannon Small Rhiannon     Bree Bree         Arlene Faulkhead Arlene

 Madeleine Hodge Maddi           Lisa Sullivan Lisa          Elaine Costa Elaine



Nursing and Clinical Support Staff

Catherine RN, Vicki RN, and Therese RN, provide such general nursing services as blood pressure checks, wound dressings, immunisations, plaster cast checks, removal of sutures, assisting in surgical procedures, chronic disease support, managing patient reminders and performing lung function testing. Appointments with our Practice Nurses can be made via reception.

Catherine Dickson Catherine  Vicki Hosking Vicki         Therese Norrish Therese


Sophie RN is our Chronic Disease Nurse Manager, and provides administrative and practical support to patients with complex medical conditions to enable them access to Medicare rebates for services such as podiatry, physiotherapy, and osteopathy. Sophie is also our coordinator for the "Closing The Gap" program, assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients to access additional services provided by this Government scheme. Please speak with your doctor to enquire about your eligibility for these services.

 Sophie Kerr Sophie



Practice Management

Our Practice Manager is Ms Tracy Clarke, who is supported by Ms Susanne Hodge, Assistant Practice Manager. Any business related queries should be directed towards either Tracy or Susanne.

Tracy Clarke Tracy     Susanne Hodge Susanne