Fees and Billing


Fees and Billing



The Elms is a private clinic, however we offer bulk-billing of normal weekday appointments to holders of a pension card, a Health Care Card, those receiving a Government unemployment benefit, and children under 16 years of age. A discounted private fee (equal to $20 out of pocket) is offered to these patients for appointments on Saturdays. Veterans' Affairs Gold Card holders are bulk-billed for all normal appointments.

Our standard appointment length is 15 minutes, with longer appointments available.

Tele-health (telephone or video) consultations are available for patients who are unable to attend the clinic in person. A private fee equivalent to our standard face-to-face appointment applies. For holders of a pension card, a Health Care Card, those receiving a Government unemployment benefit, and children under 16 years of age, tele-health consultations can be bulk-billed if there has been an in-person consultation at the clinic within the last 12 months.

Accounts for work related injuries (Work Cover) or motor vehicle related injuries (Transport Accident Commission) are the responsibility of the patient. If you have a current claim number, we can forward your account directly to the insurer.

Please note that some procedures performed by your doctor may incur an extra charge in addition to the usual consultation fee. You will be informed of the extra charge when applicable.

Appointments with our practice nurse for the giving of immunisations will be bulk-billed (excluding Yellow Fever vaccination). If the vaccine is not provided by the Government as part of the standard immunisation schedule, you may be required to see your doctor first for a prescription to enable you to purchase the vaccine from a pharmacy. This applies particularly to travel immunisations. However, Yellow Fever vaccination must be purchased through the clinic as only Government registered clinics can supply and administer this injection.

These fees are applicable as of 1st February 2021, and are reviewed on an annual basis.

  Consultation Type Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
  Standard appointment (15 minutes) $78.00 $38.75 $39.25
  Long appointment ("double") $130.00 $75.05 $54.95
  Prolonged appointment ("triple") $195.00 $110.50 $84.50
  Tele-health appointment (15 minutes) $78.00 $38.75 $39.25
  Pregnancy visit $80.00 $41.35 $38.65
  Yellow Fever vaccination $170.00 No rebate applicable $170.00
  Intra-Uterine Device insertion $111.25 $46.95 $64.30
  Vasectomy $500.00 $201.50 $298.50
  Other surgical procedures Ask your doctor Ask your doctor Ask your doctor

*Must be paid in full on the day.


Treatment room charges

Use of the treatment room for elective procedures will incur a $15.00 booking fee (no Medicare rebate available), payable by all patients at the time of making the appointment. This is non-refundable unless the appointment is cancelled with at least one day advanced notice. The booking fee is not applicable in certain circumstances, such as emergency use of the treatment room, and childhood/adult immunisations.

Bulk-billing is not available for elective procedures performed in the treatment room.

Before deciding whether to go ahead with a procedure, patients will be informed of the expected out of pocket expense by their doctor.


What is the Medicare Rebate?

The Medicare rebate is the amount that the Australian Government contributes toward your medical treatment. Since the beginning of Medicare in 1984, the Government has never increased the rebate in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI), with several complete rebate freezes by successive Governments. The Medicare rebate falls significantly short of the actual cost of providing quality medical services, hence patients are required to make up the difference (the out of pocket amount).


What is Bulk-Billing?

Bulk-billing is when a health care provider accepts the Medicare Rebate amount as the total and only payment for a medical service, rather than charging for the actual cost of the service. This represents a substantial discount of about 50% off our standard private fee. With the rising cost of running a comprehensive medical practice, it is not sustainable to provide the best possible care based on the Medicare Rebate amount. The Elms offers limited bulk-billing to the disadvantaged whilst maintaining private fees to ensure that we can uphold quality standards.



Full payment of your account on the day of consultation is required; we are unable to accept payment of just the out of pocket amount.

We accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS.

You can lodge your account electronically with Medicare from our clinic once you have registered your banking details at any Medicare office.


You may download and print a Medicare Australia Bank Account Details Collection Form from the following link:

Download Form


Payments from Medicare are directly deposited into your nominated account, usually within 3 to 4 working days.

Should you have a problem with payment, please discuss this with our reception staff.